wow.. who would believe that I’ve been here for a year? (despite of how NOT active I am throughout this 1 year hehe)

well, i’ll try to be as active as i could here since I found happiness writing on wordpress, and of course besides posting stories on wattpad 😉 I’m gonna write a new story soon so please wait.


Anyways…. that’s it! one year of writing on wordpress!


and now… moving forward with the second story which happened today
when i was in my Cost Accounting class earlier.


A friend of mine, or should I say.. an ex-friend of mine?

We were classmates back in Middle School, Year 7. He, (obviously he is a boy. H.A) moved from our school during year 7 and ever since then we sort of lost contact? Back in school, he was the mischievous kid who bullied me all the time which is super annoying y’all!

Then, out of the blue, it was very unexpected that we went to the same uni but different campus. So, you know, me being casual, act like the way we used to. (Come on la we were friends!) So things went absolutely well though he is still the annoying kid who bully me a lot (sigh!!)

We sort of become close and even closer once we started semester 2 which is now..

We went to the haunted house together and the concert recently. After that happened, we sort of like not Whatsapp-ing each other anymore because I was and am busy and I’m pretty much occupied most of the time so yea…

Today, he messaged me so I replied casually. It was regarding the money for the concert’s ticket (I borrowed his RM10). and said that i shouldn’t pay him back.

I was happy la kan, and replied “Oh, really? Okay!”

I was in the MIDDLE OF LECTURE when he messaged me saying

“no, you don’t have to give it to me, enough is enough, I don’t want to entertain you no more. Don’t bother about me, do not chat me. Thank you for everything, our times together is memorable.”

THAT thank you for everything, our times together is memorable hits me right on the heart man, like OUCH!

I replied, asking him what is wrong, what did i do wrong and all that… it turns out that he blocked me on whatsapp without me knowing what happened. He put a full-stop on our friendship without explaining what did i do without telling me why it ended.


I just want an answer to this unsolved question, and if he wants to end it and its okay. Maybe, God wants to remove toxic people in our life. Who knows I am the toxic in his life, or he is the toxic in mine.

It’s a bad ending tho, for a friendship that we had for a few years.

Things just ended like in a blink of an eye without knowing why.

So that’s it. On April 27, 2018. I lost a friend, a friendship just ended.


And HA, you leave me here with unsolved questions. Hanging, wondering what did I do til you don’t wanna be my friend anymore.

I know you wouldn’t read this but I’d like to thank you for being my friend, thank you for all the things you did and I am sorry I can’t be the best friend of yours.


Goodbye. Forever wondering my mistakes, L.


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