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Everyone, basically, must have been in love during their high school days- not necessarily as couple but probably crushes right?

Could be having a crush on your senior or your classmates or batch mates.. and that is TOTALLY normal heheh..

okay! Frankly speaking, I had crushes on my seniors too (back then and they were the school’s hot stuffs who won’t look at a girl like me ) and not to forget this one particular person I used to, and probably still like…………until now.

He was a new kid transfered from another state in 2014. He was placed in the first class while I, was in the second good class :p (nope! not even close to being a smart ass just in good class HAHAH)

At first, I didn’t give a DAMN about his existence until that one day when we joined a school program together for students from Singapore. Still, it was nil, zero feelings. Then, we again got involved in a school program whereby we were in the same group.

Little did I know, I was attracted to him. OH MY GOSH GUYS THE SIGN WAS UNNOTICEABLE! I swear things just happened!

I did not tell anyone about it but I swear I was being such a stalker hahahahaha (bad example!)

Then, I told myself. oh come on Na, it is just a temporary  feeling. I’ll pass.

But oops…

I did it again…oh baby baby baby (read/sing it with Britney  Spears voice/accent pls!)

And once again, I found me falling for him harder……………………………

And and and and…

it was then he showed little signs of having an interest in me (which i am not so sure til now whether it was true, or it was just me who was overreacting idk)

It was his action that made me fell for him,

“L, be careful. The floor is slippery.”

L, it is okay. I know you can do better.”

L, don’t be too sad.”


YUP!!!!!!! I myself could not define what kind of feelings he gave to me. It was so mystical yet magical in a time.

Hewhew who knew.. Plus he was my MATH mentor y’all so I sort of spent most of my times with him (kachinggg!! Flirting and studying hhahahahahaaha)

Fling fling….

Time passed and school is over now, and feeling stays. Come on guys! I tried to get over this dude but when he commented on my photos and liked them I was like damn it dude just tell me that you feel the same way as I do!

Shameless me, whatsApp this dude but all I got was cold replies.

And that is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is time to get rid of this old flame and probably just let bygones be bygones…….



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