hectic life





high school life just ended a couple of months back. and every one  is busy living their own life, looking for colleges and universities for our studies and so on.

i, myself am pretty much busy coping and dealing with life and the en route of an adult life. my life has been eventful ever since i left high school.

6.00 a.m. Monday to Saturday, I had to wake up and be at work. I’ll be very busy dealing with the kids and will only be home by 5.40 p.m.

Once i am at home, all I wanna do is to rest my ass off after the whole day running all around with the children and so-… no no! don’t get me wrong okay, I love what i do now but sometimes, all i wanna do is sleep (and get paid by doing it! hahhaa)

i just realized how occupied i am compared to most of the people of my age.

i had to manage my time but, managing time isn’t really my forte you see!

it is pretty challenging to deal with life and i just realized how much i miss my highschool life.

those were the days of freedoms filled with laughter and joy…

LOL! I lied – I mean not everyday of school was filled with the happy moments, there were the tears, the fights, the stress, the problems we had but back then it was much more simple than the problems I have to face now…

pretty much more complex than i have ever imagine.

now, i am 18 i had to figure out my own path of success. i have a job, i have to enroll in universities pretty much soon for the intake, i have to think of my own economy status, i have to continue my career as a wattpad writer………………….

sounds easy and you’ll probably be like, “she’s just overreacting, things can be done easily. SMH” alright buddy! I might be overreacting, but you know that’s the truth.

The older we get, the complex the problems and our life?


i just wish i can live my school life again……………………………………missing those days



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