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About Me

Salam and greetings everyone!

Wow.. Finally, I’ve decided to write – start up a blog.

Well, how do I even have the thoughts on writing things up here? (besides writing stories on Wattpad)

Main reason why I wanted to write here, is to share my rants and thoughts about stuffs going on in our mother Earth, and things going in my life – the roller coaster of my life- and make it as my journal for me whilst I’m busy growing up.


That’s all..

Oh let me introduce myself 🙂


I am, preferably to be known as Lia Atisha. 18 year old daydreamer and night-thinker. I am a total bookish- a bibliophile, bookworm, tsundoku….and whatsoever synonyms that is related yea. A normal teenage girl who got crushes on celebrities living a super normal life. nothing fancy- keeping things lowkey :p

Besides reading, I have passion for writing (which is why i am here heheh) and I love words.

I am from Malaysia. Kuching, Sarawak to be exact. I am currently waiting for universities offer and working at a kindergarten.. (yup, you can list me down as wife goals hahahaha jk jk!)


I am a perfect combination of a drama queen and a crybaby. Um- I have big and good hearts tho ❤ (besides the fact that my heart is made of Kleenex tissue) HAHA!

people around who don’t know me might say I am an introvert or ‘sombong’ but the truth is i am an ambivert and no no no no NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not sombong, trust me. Its just that I have a major problem with facial expressions so yeah excuse that.

That’s it for now ey?

Gonna update more soon! Thank you for reading?

Much love, LA






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